Rising Tide

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Rising Tide heisst das Update zum globalen Eventbogen im Jahr 2019.
Der zeitliche Überblick fürs Jahr 2019.
Rising Tide (dt. "Ansteigende Flut") ist der Titel eines globalen Eventbogens, der im Januar 2019 seinen Auftakt hatte. Er vereint Updates vom bisherigen Ultima Online: High Seas mit neuen Mechaniken, die zB. die Kanonen-Bedienung auf den Schiffen betrifft sowie generelle Updates am Spiel. Mit Publish 104 soll das erste Update kommen, das Jahr 2019 wird deshalb ganz im Zeichen der Schiffahrt, Piraten und anderen hochseetauglichen Themen stehen.

Erklärt werden die Vorkommnisse mit diversen Fiktions-Beiträgen.

Concerns Rise As Famed Buccaneer's Den Guild Gets New Leader, Maritime Trade Cargo At Risk!

Wer ab Publish 104 (19. März 2019) die Town Cryer News las, wurde über die neue Bedrohung auf See informiert:

"Startling news out of Buccaneeer's Den as whispers turn to shouts over the new leader of "The Guild".
"The Guild" has long been the island's premier, yet loosely organized, outfit for pirates, marauders, thieves and other professions of ill-repute. That seems to have changed recently as a new leader called Hook has emerged with the stated goal of empowering "The Guild" to new heights of infamy. Merchant mariners are no doubt troubled by this news and fear their cargo could be at risk. Reports from the Royal Navy are reassuring, yet take on a somber tone, underscoring the speedy timeline by which Hook and "The Guild" have deployed spotting ships called Plunderbeacons on the majority of Britannia's major shipping routes. Some reports suggest these bizarre looking ships have even been seen in the far away islands of Tokuno.
Despite the concern, the news of Hook's efforts were matched by an announcement from the Society of Shipwrights indicating a major breakthrough in ship-to-ship combat technology. Tinkers have refined the cannon firing process allowing ships to release an even more deadly barrage of cannon fire than ever before. Similar news comes from the Society of Smiths, Mining Cooperative, Society of Clothiers, and Guild of Arcane Arts. In a joint announcement the groups report that advances in the production of cannonballs, grapeshot, powder charges, fuse chord, and their associated ingredients have been made making the stockpiling of those materials easier then ever.
Despite the reported silver lining, Merchants are on edge as Maritime Trade Cargo has no doubt been redirected to Black Market Merchants on Buccanneer's Den instead of their intended destination. Mariners who recover this cargo are encouraged to complete the delivery of those items, but City Governors fear the allure of Black Market goods may tempt some to assist bolstering the pirate's treasury."


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