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December 5, 2008

“The faction bandaids have proven themselves to be over powered. With dexers combining an apple every 10-15 seconds along with a 4-5 second bandage it makes it nearly impossible to kill one on a decent connection (For mages and dexers). Are there plans to balance them?”

We will be adding a cooldown to the bandages. They will either have a 30-second cooldown OR will share the same 15-second timer as the apples so players cannot use both at the same time. This will be adjusted in Publish 58.


“When are thieves ever going to get some love?”

In Publish 57, stealing from monsters will be reactivated. You will be able to steal gold, bandages, potions, scrolls and reagents from any monster (only one successful theft allowed per monster). Thieves with GM skills and higher will have a chance of receiving one of the 9 rare consumable items when stealing from monsters in Champion Spawn areas (all facets) or from any monster in Felucca Dungeons and T2A. Here are some examples of the rare consumables:

Mana Draught: player drinking this beverage instantly recovers between 25 to 40 mana points. 10 minute cooldown.

Life Shield Lotion: when applied, reduces by 50% to 100% the Life Drain damage (such as dealt by Succubus and Tentacles of the Harrower). The resistance chance is rolled for each tick and cannot be combined with any other Balms or Lotions. Duration 30 minutes.

Balm of Strength: when applied, player benefits for a 10 HP increase for 30 mins. Cannot be combined with any other Balms or Lotions.


“What will be the drop rate on the Replicas and will the Harrower be giving Replicas as well?”

The drop rate breakdown is as follows:

5% chance of a unique item 15% chance of a decorative item 10% chance of a shared reward

The Harrower has a couple replicas and decorative items, based on the same drop rates. However, it will not drop any of the shared rewards.


“Some Faction rewards never lose durability. Is this going to be addressed and should we expect the same thing from the new Replicas?”

We are aware of this issue and are working on fixing it. Also, some of the new Replicas will not sustain durability loss. We expect to have the fix in Publish 58 at which point all existing Faction Rewards and Replicas will start losing durability.


"What’s the deal with Faction Points?”

We are looking into making some adjustments to point farming and fixing this issue.


“Are we getting the same holiday gifts as last year and how do we have to log on to get them?”

You will be getting new holiday gifts this year. But you must log in with your qualifying characters (i.e. characters 30 days and older) to receive your gift. The holiday gifts will be activated when Publish 57 goes live and can be collected up until January 19, 2009.


“Will we ever be able to identify the seeds before we grow them?”

Yes! After Publish 57 goes live, check the resource menu of your peculiar plants. You might see something new!


“I’m really confused about the whole vendor penalty thing. How does that work?”

Whenever you place a new item for sale on your vendor, you have a 30-minute grace period to change your mind about leaving the item on your vendor or changing the price on it.

If you remove an item that has been on the vendor for more than 30 minutes but less than 24 hours, you will be charged a penalty which is a small percentage of the sale price the item was set at.

Once the item has been on your vendor more than 24 hours, any penalty is waived and you may remove it at any time. If you replace the item on your vendor after that though, the same system applies.

You never pay a penalty if the item is bought off of your vendor, regardless of the time it was placed on it.


Fansite News:

SHE Guild Auction

Now in its 4th year of service to Chesapeake.

Auctions every Sat 7pm est. Gates from Luna, as well there are hundreds of runes dropped each week.


Holiday Magic Events on Sonoma...

Share the Magic ~ of the holiday season with the exchange of Secret Santa gifts. On December 21st we are holding an Old Fashioned Holiday Party which includes a Secret Santa gift exchange.

For those of you who are not familiar with Secret Santa, here is how it works. Players submit their names for a random drawing. Each name is drawn is drawn and matched with the next name drawn until no names remain. The each player is notified of who they are preparing their Secret Santa for. The part that makes it secret is that the player receiving the gift never knows who the gift came from.

Secret Santa registration begins now until Sunday, December 14th at 5pm Pacific (7pm CT, 8pm ET). On Monday, December 15th, we will draw from the registered players and contact them with who they are Secret Santa for.

Before the party on Sunday, December 21st (5pm PT), you can deliver your Secret Santa gift to Queen Mum to hand out during the event. Don't worry if you can't attend the party, she will make sure that your gift exchange is completed.

Register today by contacting Queen Mum at ICQ 168-812-018 or by PM on the Sonoma boards at Stratics ( and UO Forums (


Share the Magic ~ with the annual Sonoma Community Holiday Home Tour & Decorating Contest. Entries accepted until Friday, December 26th at 5pm PT (7pm CT, 8pm ET).

Contact Queen Mum at ICQ 168-812-018 - or by PM on the Sonoma boards at Stratics ( and UO Forums ( for complete details. Watch next weeks FoF for more information.


Share the Magic ~ of the holiday season with Santa's Night Out! Keep your wits sharp and your eyes peeled for Santa on Friday, December 12th! He'll be out and about the towns visiting all the good, and maybe the naughty, boys and girls of Sonoma starting around 5pm Pacific (7pm Central, 8pm Eastern) handing out lots of presents and plenty of goodies!

You're likely to see him around the various banks of the land, so don't be shy, go right up to him and say Happy Holidays!! There's no telling what kind of fun stuff he'll be handing out, but we are sure they will be delightful!

Santa and his helpers will also be delivering "Share the Magic ..." of the holiday season books with news about exciting parties, contests, and all the events being held through January 1st.


"Share the Magic" Celebration! Saturday, December 13th starting at 5:00pm Pacific Time (7pm Central, 8pm Eastern) at the Sugar Plum Inn (Karns Vendors & PAS Community Hall) in Luna. Enjoy the sights & sounds of the season as members of the Peoples Army of Sonoma & Sonoma Community Coalition welcomes everyone with spirited fun, laughter & the merriment of gift giving with frolicking games by the Elves.

Come one, come all and help kick off the Holiday season with a night of magical delightful fun & special surprises for everyone!


Interested in having your event posted on the Five on Friday? Make sure to send in all the details through the Feedback Form and selecting "Fan Site News" from the drop down menu. All entries must be received no later then Thursday at midnight for the FoF you want it in. Please note: All entries are subject to editing.



Would you like to see your question answered in a future Five on Friday? Well don’t wait any longer, send it in through our handy Feedback Form and select “Five on Friday Questions” from the list. We look forward to hearing from you!

Just a head’s up that next week we’ll be announcing a new contest here on the Herald that is bound to keep you busy during the upcoming holiday season. We’ll have all the details for you next week including what you can win so keep an eye here for all the info.

That’s it for this week’s Five on Friday, I hope y’all have a great weekend!